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Brighton Primary School

Brighton Primary School is a large school incorporating a centre for the hearing-impaired. At the time of filming, there were 619 students at the school. The additional language at the school is Auslan. The school’s vision statement is: ‘Engage, imagine, create and innovate’. A curriculum coordinator was employed three days a week to support all staff in developing a deep understanding of the Australian Curriculum. All teachers work in teams to plan and program together on a weekly basis. The strong focus is on learning and individual goal setting, aimed at developing students’ skills as responsible and independent learners with high expectations for all.

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The focus at Brighton school is on continual improvement and ‘students as learners’. The school engaged with the Australian Curriculum as the next step to support the teacher-shared pedagogy. 

The key to managing the Australian Curriculum at this school is team work. Staff work in teams to share the load. All team members take a lead role within the team and become an expert in their subject. The carefully developed school timetable is an essential tool in enabling teams to be released at the same time to program and plan together. The school’s designated curriculum coordinator led the way by focusing on the rational and aims of the Australian Curriculum, and then the achievement standards in order to backward map when programming and planning. The school uses the flexible features of the Australian Curriculum to assist with planning for multi-age classes and for the integration of learning areas, where appropriate. 


School context

Brighton Primary School has 41 teaching staff and 14 non-teaching staff and is located in the south-west of Adelaide. The school's values of care, respect, achieving our best, being responsible learners and being environmentally aware citizens reflect a strong focus on learner inquiry and wellbeing.

Learning environments are being transformed to create space where students are engaged and challenged to reach their highest potential.

The school offers a broad general curriculum based on the Australian Curriculum. Areas supported by specialist teachers are physical and outdoor education, Auslan as LOTE, and performing and visual arts. The Australian Curriculum general capabilities also inform the teaching and learning programs at the school.


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Brighton Primary School
Brighton SA 3186 Australia

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400 - 600 students

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