Religious Education: Good News for Living

Learning area

Curriculum for Foundation to Year 10

Year-level descriptions

Year-level descriptions provide a focus of study at that year level. The descriptions identify the key — concepts that are to be the focus for understanding and articulate how students’ — knowledge, understanding, skills and mental map of the world will be developed. They also emphasise the interrelated nature of the two strands and the expectation that planning will involve integration of content from across the strands.

Content descriptions

The Tasmanian Religious Education Curriculum includes content descriptions at each dual-year level. These set out the knowledge, understanding and skills that teachers are expected to teach and students are expected to learn. However, they do not prescribe approaches to teaching. The content descriptions have been written to ensure that learning is appropriately ordered and that unnecessary repetition is avoided. However, a concept or skill introduced at one year level may be revisited, strengthened and extended at later year levels as needed.

Content elaborations

Content elaborations are provided for Foundation to Year 10 to illustrate and exemplify content and to assist teachers in developing a common understanding of the content descriptions. They are not intended to be comprehensive content points that all students need to be taught.


A glossary is provided to support a common understanding of key terms and concepts in the content descriptions.

Achievement standards

The achievement standards describe expected student learning at each year level. They emphasise the depth of conceptual understanding, the sophistication of skills and the ability to apply essential knowledge expected of students. Achievement standards will be accompanied by sets of annotated student work samples as support material that illustrates actual achievement in relation to the achievement standard.

Student diversity

ACARA is committed to the development of a high-quality curriculum for all Australian students that promotes excellence and equity in education.

All students are entitled to rigorous, relevant and engaging learning programs. Teachers take account of the range of their students’ current level of learning, strengths, goals and interests and make adjustments where necessary. The three-dimensional design of the Australian Curriculum, comprising learning areas, general capabilities and cross-curriculum priorities, provides teachers with flexibility to cater for the diverse needs of students across Australia and to personalise their learning.

More detailed advice has been developed for schools and teachers on using the Australian Curriculum to meet diverse learning needs and is available under Student Diversity on the Australian Curriculum website. These can be applied equally to this curriculum.

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