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Curriculum filter

The online viewing and interactive functionality of the Australian Curriculum are powerful features of the website for teachers. Users are able to select different ways to view and print the curriculum. This functionality is referred to as the curriculum filter.

The band of years view

The band of years view allows you to look at the curriculum for all learning areas or subjects on one screen. You can access this band of years view using these links below:

This band of years view has the learning areas/subjects presented in column view and can be used to:

  • move to other subjects using the Next Subject button on the right hand side of the page
  • scroll down the page to see the subsequent years in the band
  • select a learning area or subject view, using the Jump to subject button
  • select other views, using the filters on the left hand menu.

The learning area or subject view

On each learning area or subject curriculum page the curriculum filter can be accessed on the left hand menu. The curriculum filter allows you to select which parts of the curriculum you view.

You can use the learning area or subject curriculum filter to select or hide:

  • parts of the curriculum such as year or band level descriptions, content descriptions, achievement standards or icons
  • the curriculum for individual years or bands of years
  • particular strands
  • particular general capabilities and cross-curriculum priorities.

Once you have made your selection of curriculum features remember to use the Apply filters button. This view can also be printed, if required.

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