Student Diversity

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EAL/D Teacher Resource

ACARA has developed the English as an Additional Language or Dialect Teacher Resource to support teachers as they develop teaching and learning programs in the Australian Curriculum: Foundation to Year 10 with EAL/D students.

The EAL/D Teacher Resource includes several related publications:

 The EAL/D Teacher Resource has been developed to:

  • advise teachers about areas of the Australian Curriculum that EAL/D students may find challenging and why
  • assist classroom teachers to identify where their EAL/D students are broadly positioned on a progression of English language learning
  • help teachers understand students’ cultural and linguistic diversity and how this diversity can be used in the classroom
  • provide examples of teaching strategies supportive of EAL/D students
  • complement existing state and territory resources for teaching EAL/D
  • provide an overview for teachers who may not have specialist training in the area of EAL/D or access to specialist EAL/D teachers.
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