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Version implementation advice

Two versions of the Australian Curriculum are now available, versions 8.1 and 7.5. This will allow schools time to transition to the new version of the Australian Curriculum.

Each state and territory, and the systems and schools within it, are responsible for its implementation. State and territory education authorities will determine the timeframe and take-up of the Australian Curriculum, including which version of the Australian Curriculum should be used.

The table below provides web link information for each state and territory. Use this information to assist you to decide which version is most suitable for your use.

State or territoryFor more information
Australian Capital Territory

All ACT schools have fully implemented mathematics, English, science and history using V.7.5 of the Australian Curriculum. The ACT will transition to V.8.1 when it becomes available as they implement additional Australian Curriculum learning areas. It is anticipated that the ACT will have transitioned to V.8.1 in all learning areas by the end of 2016. 

For further information with respect to sector implementation, please contact the following:

New South Wales
Northern Territory

On 14th August 2015 the Northern Territory Board of Studies approved the Australian Curriculum version 7.5 for use in NT schools from 2016. For information about timelines please refer to T-10 Curriculum implementation timeline. The Northern Territory Board of Studies will provide schools with an implementation guideline for the use of Version 8.1 during semester one 2016.

For further information:

Queensland Consult your school sector or the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority for advice
South Australia
Western Australia
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