7–10 Civics and Citizenship



The Years 7–10 Australian Curriculum: Civics and Citizenship is organised into two interrelated strands: civics and citizenship knowledge and understanding, and civics and citizenship inquiry and skills.

Civics and citizenship knowledge and understanding strand

The civics and citizenship knowledge and understanding strand comprises three key focus areas or sub-strands at each year level: government and democracy; laws and citizens; and citizenship, diversity and identity.

Government and democracy involves a study of Australian democracy and the key institutions, processes and roles that people play in Australia’s system of government. Laws and citizens examines Australia’s legal system, the creation of laws and the rights and legal obligations of Australian citizens. Citizenship, diversity and identity explores the shared values of Australian citizenship, Christian traditions, the diversity of Australia as a multicultural and multi-faith society, what shapes identity, and obligations as citizens in a globalised world.

Civics and citizenship inquiry and skills strand

The civics and citizenship inquiry and skills strand focuses on the skills of questioning and research; analysis, synthesis and interpretation; problem-solving and decision-making; and communication and reflection.

Questioning and research involves students asking questions about the society in which they live. Students identify, locate and research a range of sources of information to investigate Australia’s political and legal systems. Analysis, synthesis and interpretation engages students in applying critical thinking skills and developing and accounting for different points of view. Problem-solving and decision-making involves students working collaboratively, negotiating and developing strategies to resolve issues, and planning for action. In communication and reflection, students present ideas, viewpoints and arguments based on evidence about civics and citizenship topics and issues using subject-specific language, and reflect on their cultural identity, motivations, values and behaviours.

Civics and citizenship skills are described in bands of schooling at two-year intervals.

Relationship between the strands

The two strands are to be integrated in the development of a teaching and learning program. The knowledge and understanding strand provides the content focus through which particular skills are to be developed.

Key inquiry questions

Each year level includes key questions which provide a guiding framework for developing students’ civics and citizenship knowledge, understanding and skills of inquiry.

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