Students develop wisdom capability as they learn to integrate complexity in life with a sense of essential unity. Students reflect on the particular and the universal, experience stillness and silence and in awe and wonder and put their reflection into action at school and in their lives beyond school. The capability involves students in learning to engage in their experience, seeking personal and communal meaning and value. Wisdom capability begins with awe which forms a basis for respect, leading to personal courage and social commitment. This in turn grounds knowledge and understanding of ourselves, our world and to the degree we can of the mysteries of life. This progressive process arrives in discernment of truth, beauty and goodness.

Students develop wisdom capability when they listen, observe, reflect, share wonder, integrate ideas, evaluate, communicate and share meaning.

They enhance wisdom by integrating ideas into their lives, by meditating, journaling, exploring their environment and by investigating the lives of inspirational people and communities.

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