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It is parents, families and carers who have the most influence on their children. When families are actively involved in their children’s education, children usually enjoy school and achieve better results.

This section of the website provides information for families and carers about their children and the Australian Curriculum.

Overview of the Australian Curriculum for parents

The Australian Curriculum an overview for parents

Information Sheets for parents

Information for parents Foundation year

Information for parents years 1 - 2

Information for parents years 3 - 4

Information for parents years 5 - 6

Information for parents years 7 - 8

Information for parents years 9 - 10

Handy links for parents

Australian Curriculum parent information - Links to more information (Word)

Frequently asked questions and answers

Australian Curriculum parent information - FAQs (PDF)

Australian Curriculum parent information - FAQs (Word)

Student work samples

Work sample portfolios are available for English, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography learning areas. Links to work sample portfolios that demonstrate satisfactory, above satisfactory and below satisfactory can be found underneath the achievement standard for each year level.

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